Our Collaborators and Friends

Yoko Reikano Kimura

Yoko Reikano Kimura performs classical Japanese music in the Yamada School style as well as more contemporary music on the koto and shamisen. She has lived in the US since 2010 and has given numerous recitals in New York as well as Chicago. A graduate from the Tokyo University of the Arts and Music, she continued her studies at the NHK School for Young Professionals and at the Institute of Contemporary Music for Japanese Instruments. he Agency of Cultural Affairs elected her as an internship trainee. Her teachers include Kono Kameyama, Akiko Nishigata, and Senko Yamabiko who is a living national treasure for Kato-bushi shamisen. Kimura has won numerous awards including top prize at the prestigious 10th Kenjun Memorial All-Japan Competition and first prize at the Great Wall International Music Competition. She has received the Osaka Chinese Counsel Award and has performed many classical Yamada pieces for NHK-FM radio.

An enthusiastic supporter of contemporary music, Kimura has premiered new works at the Japan Society for Contemporary Music. She performs with her husband Hikaru Tamaki, the principal cellist of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra, and in 2011 the duo was awarded the Janet Latz Professional Fellowship. Since 2004, she has performed around the world in places such as Poland, Switzerland, France, Lithuania, Korea, China, Israel, Qatar, and Italy. She has visited Jamaica, Bolivia, and Peru for the Japanese Arts in Latin America program promoted by the Japan Foundation New York. Currently, she holds a teaching position at the Institute of Contemporary Music for Traditional Japanese Instruments, an affiliate of Senzoku Gakuen Music University in Japan. For more information about the artist please visit www.reikano.yamadaryu.com