Educational and Community Programs

TSUKASA at Community Shows

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Educational Programs

Tsukasa Taiko at JASC

The mission of Tsukasa Taiko at JASC is to preserve and pass on the traditional concepts of taiko as a cultural legacy and to utilize these concepts in expanding and evolving the taiko form. Tsukasa Taiko at JASC maintains an international profile through presenting high quality performances overseas, but its local focus continues to be educational programming. These programs are designed not only to teach people about taiko, but also to advance an understanding and appreciation of the cultural arts.

A professional staff of artists visits schools to present cultural education programs that include performances on taiko, shamisen (three-stringed lute), and shinobue (Japanese flute). An accompanying lecture stresses the important connection this music has to history and heritage. On-site workshops during school hours that offer a hands-on experience for students to try taiko are also popular.


Maple Avenue Elementary School, IL

All performances and lecture presentations are customized to the students' grade levels, from pre-school through university. A small ensemble of three performers to the largest group of eight to ten musicians can be available to entertain and educate audiences of all ages. In the Chicagoland area, visits have been made to over 100 public and private elementary and high schools, plus major colleges and universities. Overnight trips to neighboring states have included visits to schools that recognize the group as a leader in the taiko drumming culture of the Midwest.

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Drumming at the Montessori school

"Drumming at the Montessori school" from the local news paper: Forest Park Review, IL

Avalon, WI

Avalon, WI

Letters from Schools

These are a few exmples of wonderful letters from school kids to TSUKASA TAIKO

from OPRF 2010

Thank you note from Oak Park River Forest High School.

from OPRF

Thank you note from Oak Park River Forest High School.

Letters from Chicago Futabakai Japanese School.