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Tsukasa Taiko has an official Facebook Page now and we want you to 'Like' us! Our new page is a great way for Tsukasa to broadcast information and updates about our upcoming shows, classes, etc. in an official, public manner to anyone who chooses to connect with us via Facebook. We aim to communicate with you - Tsukasa Taiko's existing and new members, supporters, fans, and general enthusiasts of our culture and music - and hope to engage you in many future conversations, news, and developments that will be posted on our page. We also hope that you can share our page with anyone else who'd be interested in our group through friend recommendations :)

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Did you know that we have a Wordpress site which will double feature as a blog and an informal website from now on? Well now you do! - Look out for more updates, exclusive pictures, and other articles that we may not always post on our Facebook page.

Thanksgiving Parades

2014: Watch our annual Thanksgiving Parade performance on-demand here: http://youtu.be/_Wu7f5qpHIw?t=12m59s, (Tsukasa Taiko @ 12:59)
or http://go.wgntv.com/1F5oauP (Tsukasa Taiko @ 14:40)

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2014 Thanksgiving Parade